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English lessons online and face to face

Online English lessons to Improve your skills and achieve fluency (TOEFEL, IELTS )

Customized English courses for all levels


After 10 years of working in Swiss international schools, I have set up my own English language training platform. My experience in a culturally diverse environment has allowed me to develop a precise expertise in effective methodologies for the development of listening, speaking and comprehension skills for students of all levels and profiles. The courses offered include all aspects of language proficiency, including work on accents and elocution. The aim is to get you to speak English as quickly as possible whatever your objective. English today Business tomorrow (ETBT) offers a wide range of courses to identify your needs.

Whatever your current level at (ETBT), we will accompany you in your project and guide you every step of the way.

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Group Classes


At the time of registration, you will have the opportunity to take an English assessment test to determine your current level. This test is in the form of a Multiple Choice Questionnaire. The result is expressed as a percentage and will allow us to better adapt our lessons to your level.